Fish Production

“According to Aquaculture Outlook, trends such as the 21% increase in Tilapia imports show a significant demand for Tilapia in the market. The fresh fillet market was one of the concentrated areas for the imported Tilapia market. According to the USDA International trade report tilapia has become one of the fastest growing U.S.”fish

These figures let us know that there is a demand for tilapia in the market.  Since our business will be producing fresh, natural tilapia we will have a better chance in a niche market with higher end restaurants preferring better quality fish. While our operation is under development, we hope to establish ourselves in the local community and gain valuable contacts with future clientèle.  We feel that through education and awareness of the sustainable potential of this venture, the local economy will welcome us as a valuable addition.  As locally grown organic produce increases in demand, we hope to be able to provide quality fish and vegetables for our community. Our ideological approach is that approximately 50% of our produce and fish will be sold wholesale to select restaurants. We will be able to have enough products to provide our customers with product-on-demand also; because of our product-on-demand, we will not have to worry about food storage. Orders can be placed the day before and products will be harvested, cleaned, and delivered the day of. We feel strongly that by being located locally and growing year round, providing product on demand will not be overly difficult. Also, we will be able to take out much of the shipping costs that our western-slope competitors have to contend with in order to have their product arrive fresh. The restaurants will benefit from our higher quality products, as well as from our green reputation in the Fort Collins area.